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Best Italian Food I’ve Had

Amongst the different interests I have, food came to mind when writing this post. My girlfriend and I recently took a trip to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. It has been almost 13 years since I have visited the hall so it was intriguing to see the differences. One difference made our night on Saturday.

We both realized that the restaurants closed early because it was the offseason up there so we raced to this restaurant called “Nicoletta’s” and just barely got a table. We did not know what to expect but from apps like Yelp and UrbanSpoon, we got a pretty good idea that people liked the place.

After a glass of Shiraz, lasagna, and tiramisu this meal was one of the best I have had at an Italian restaurant. The bread was topped with cheese and basil, the shiraz was not too dry and just fruity enough. The lasagna and sauce were out of this world and of course the tiramisu was homemade and melt in your mouth. Service was impeccable and the atmosphere was second to none.

If you ever get the chance to get to Cooperstown all you baseball enthusiasts, you MUST go here! This place deserves an A+. It will be the standard by which I rate Italian places moving forward.

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